Tuesday Tip: How to find the center of a star

Some stampers are able to eyeball things (e.g., centering a stamped panel on a mat) and some of us need a little help (e.g., with a ruler).  I myself cannot cut a round pizza into 8 equal pieces.  (Okay, that’s not a huge skill deficiency and, no, I don’t get out the ruler to ensure precision in this case!)  Anyway, you may find this tip useful in your paper crafting!

  1. With a straightedge, mark a line from one point to the opposite “crotch.”
  2. Mark another line from any other point to its crotch.
  3. The intersection of those two lines is the center of the star.  Pierce or punch at that intersection and affix the brad.

No, I haven’t forgotten that I promised the tutorial on the paper roses/carnations.  I’ll see you next Tuesday with that tip, for sure.

Now, what can I do with this embellishment, hmmmm?

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