Tuesday Tip: Conserving paper with the Big Shot

I use my Big Shot a lot, more than I ever imagined I would.  (If you’ve seen my cutting pads, you know!)

Sometimes I use it to prep materials for camp.  A few weeks ago, I was cutting 120 scalloped circles, three at a time, and I didn’t want to use any more card stock than necessary.  I measured the die and knew that a square of card stock 2⅛” x 2⅛” would be just barely big enough.  But how to make sure those squares would be placed exactly right?  You know how maddening it is to find that you didn’t get the entire die cut, so here’s a simple tip.

  1. Use the Signo Gel Pen to mark around the die, directly on the foam. The gel pen ink dries quickly and, as far as I’ve experienced, does not rub off. This allows you to clearly see the outline of the die (even if your lighting is not the best) and to place the card stock so that it is covered.
  2. See how little waste!
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