Tuesday Tip: Faux Silk technique

I learned the faux silk technique many years ago.  The secret to making this look like silk is plenty of wrinkles.  There!  I said it:  wrinkles are good!  Click the image below to see the crushed wrinkles.

  1. Begin with a piece card stock for your finished panel (here, Whisper White 5½” x 2½”) and a piece of ordinary tissue wrapping paper that’s bigger than your finished panel (here, 6½” x 3½”).
  2. Stamp an all-over, random pattern on the tissue paper with Classic ink.  Perhaps surprisingly, tissue paper is not very absorbent, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that the ink is drying instantly.  It’s very easy to pick up ink on your fingers and, even several minutes later, you realize you are tracking it all over your project.  So let the ink dry thoroughly or hit the tissue paper with the Heat Tool to dry it.
  3. Take the dry tissue paper and crush it into a tight, tiny ball, as small as you can get it.  Don’t be timid!  Then gently open the tissue paper.  Do not smooth it out or stretch it!
  4. Completely cover your card stock panel with adhesive from a glue stick or Xyron.  You want the entire surface covered.  Press one corner (I start at the lower right) of the tissue paper against one corner of the glued-up card stock.  Gently stretch the tissue paper to another corner and press it down into the adhesive.  Repeat with the other two corners, taking care that the tissue is covering the panel to the edges.  Avoid stretching the tissue paper too much — I pulled too much to get it to the upper left corner here.  Gently press the edges of the tissue into the card stock.  Then flip the panel over and press firmly all over.  This will mash the wrinkles into the adhesive.
  5. Trim the excess tissue paper from the panel and finish your card.  Come back tomorrow for the rest of the recipe for this card.
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