Tuesday Tip: Selective punching

The dilemma:  How to punch just one end of a card stock strip?  I don’t want a circle punched, I want a rounded end.  (Don’t we all?)

The solution:  Slip only the end of the card stock into the punch.  That is, feed one end through the back of the punch and out the end of the punch.  The only part the gets punched is the end.

The further problem:  Feeding just one end through the punch is tricky.  I’ve always curled the strip, with a bit of a hook at the end, since it’s not going straight through the punch.

Now the tip!

  1. Trim the card stock just barely smaller than the punch diameter.  Trimming off 1/16″ is plenty — maybe even too much.
  2. Slip a piece of scratch paper into the punch, as if you’re going to punch it.  Then slip the strip on top of the paper through the punch.  The scratch paper forces the card stock out through the end.
  3. Easy!
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