Too many children…

…for a quality stamping experience, but it was still fun.  Amazing how a little thing like a service project for my church’s Cross Walk program on Wednesday night could cause me such stress!  Sixteen children, most younger than 1st grade.  Some parents.  How could I plan projects that would appeal to the little ones as well as 11- and 12-year-olds?

The goal was to make cards to send to college students away from home, house-bound members, the sick, etc.  For the littlest ones I punched a white Fancy Flower.  They were to color it with crayons and (with help) glue it to a bright-colored card base which I had already stamped with Smile.  Parents, you’re on!  I saw the results afterward; I hope the cards are received with the same enthusiasm with which they were created!  Quite amazing!

The seven older kids made the cards above, simple but effective.  They wrote words of encouragement inside and signed them (“God loves yoo!  Cincerley, Ryan”).  They were thrilled with the watercolor crayons and did a beautiful job with both cards.  I could work with that age group all day.

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