Tuesday Tip: Wooden this work well?

I am CASEing this tip from fellow demonstrator Maria from Ontario.  She posted it on the Stamp Addicts site, and it’s simple and smart!  I’ll use her own words:

“Picking up small objects with my fingers has been extremely frustrating with me, especially if glue is involved.  An expensive set of tweezers was out of the question.  I found the neatest trick.  Take a toothpick and cut off one of the sharp ends. [I just use the wide end of a flat toothpick.]  Place a drop of Tombo glue on this end and let it dry.  When dry, use this end to pick up small items, even bigger items.  While you are holding onto the object, apply glue and place where needed on card.  Hold object with tip of finger of other hand and release the toothpick.  I keep this ‘glue stick’ stuck in a piece of styrofoam so I always know where it is.”

You’ll see a few cards here this week that benefit from this tip!

Also, I must give credit to someone with the Photobucket screen name of babyg921 for this toothpick image — very cool!

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