Tuesday Tip: Hold that ribbon!

You may have wondered about the “bow” on yesterday’s Mini Milk Carton.  Here’s how it worked:  I wrapped the ribbon around the milk carton, than doubled the end back on itself, cinching the middle with twine — something like a half-bow.

Sound simple?  It would be except that you need at least three hands to do it — unless you are armed with my secret weapon, that is:  Dotto repositionable adhesive.  Rolled onto ribbon, it provides just the right amount of mistake-proof assistance.  Ribbon in the wrong place?  Peel it off your project, rub any adhesive off the card stock, and reapply the ribbon.

Although Dotto uses temporary adhesive, I find that over time it seems to become somewhat permanent.  I wouldn’t use it to adhere panels on cards, but I have used it many times on scrapbook pages that are inside page protectors.  I’ve never had anything move yet!

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