Hark how the bells

They said all you needed to know was how to count to four.  Really, it’s a little more complicated than that to ring handbells as part of a group.

I joined this fall and was immediately overwhelmed, intimidated and terrified — yes, at the first rehearsal.  Luckily I have been in choral music since about 5th grade, maybe before, and I can read music.  And count.  And hear harmonies.  So last night, preparing to play a piece I was sure I had never rehearsed before, I surprised myself by how relaxed I was.  After all, I know the group’s motto:  Better never than late.

I pray that my small contribution to our worship is worthy of the One for whom I play.

Christmas blessings to you, dear friends!

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3 Responses to Hark how the bells

  1. Stamper Jill says:

    And you also have a Blessed Christmas!

  2. Carol Lyons says:

    i love the bells, you have made a wonderful choice to play them. have a wonderful holiday season
    love, carol

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been thinking of joining our handbell choir at church. My youngest still goes to school there and in 6th grade they play bells, which is what is inspiring me to give it a try again (I played a LONG time ago when my mom and I both joined for a season at our old church). I bet your performance was beautiful, making a joyful noise in praise Him.

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