Tuesday Tip: Cleaning your stamps

There was a time when my experience with rubber stamps was limited to smacking return addresses on business envelopes.  Had no clue that stamps should be cleaned — why, when all I used was black ink?

My stamping life has changed — and the way I maintain my stamps so that they give clean impressions.  Here are some practical tips:

  • Before cleaning, stamp off onto your grid (scratch) paper to remove most of the ink.  Your cleaner will have less work to do and your Scrub will stay nicer!
  • Clean immediately; dark inks stain the rubber if allowed to sit.
  • Dilute your Stampin’ Mist.  I find it is plenty effective at a ratio of 1 part Mist to 2 or 3 parts water.  The refill is a little more than twice the price of the spray bottle version for four times the liquid, so save money by creating your own version!
  • When removing StazOn ink, use the StazOn Cleaner.  (Do not use your Scrub.)  Shake the bottle well, then use full-strength on the rubber.  I sometimes let this sit on the rubber for a half hour, then scrub it with an old, soft toothbrush under running water.  Again, getting to the ink before it stains is key.
  • I don’t like using my Scrub for sticky, icky inks like Craft inks and VersaMark.  I spray those with Mist at my sink and scrub them clean with an old toothbrush.
  • Clean your Scrub with a drop of dish soap, scrubbing under running water with your hand or a soft brush.  Allow to air dry.  There are those who put it through their dishwasher on the top rack — just do not let it go through the drying cycle, because it will warp the plastic.
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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: Cleaning your stamps

  1. Carol says:

    that is an easy way to clean and save $, and stamps and make the job easy

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