The pretty tree

Today I’m sharing a bit of our Christmas tree with you.  It’s a small tree, so we can lavish decorations on it.  When DH asks what I’d like, I usually ask for the “pretty tree.”  This has dozens of vintage glass ornaments that, like things older than 50, ahem, have seen better days.  I still like them.  DH fusses that they are too worn, but, well, he did ask me what I wanted.  We add loops of pearl garland, beautiful glass icicles that I bought 30 years ago from Marshall Field’s, china bells from the Christmas tree of my childhood, and some glass ornaments hand painted by a friend of ours.

Do you see the price tag at the top of the photo?  That’s on a blown glass acorn we bought in Rothenburg, Germany, a town said to have been the inspiration for the setting of Disney’s Pinocchio.  For more trivia, you will want to know that as a youth, DH brought that character to life (yes!) in his school’s stage production.

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2 Responses to The pretty tree

  1. Priscilla says:

    Debra, I love reading your blog and all of the little trivia you include. I too have a treasure from Marshall Fields, it is my set of 4 Christmas dessert plates. Oh how I wish I had bought two more sets!

    Merry Christmas!

    • heartfeltinkspiration says:

      Hello! How’s everything working out in TX? It is bitter cold here, with plenty of snow. A nice effect, if you’re inside looking out!

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