Kitchen days

This week has seen lots of time in the kitchen, working ahead on my holiday baking.  Next Sunday and Monday I have three events that need treats, so I must plan accordingly.  Dough is standing by, the big mixer is out, and recipes are spread on the counter for review.  My apron is ever at the ready.

Tuesday I made — and counted! — 593 Pretzel Buttons!  About half will go to our county’s Hospice, where volunteers will combine the donations of dozens of bakers into festive bags and deliver them to people under Hospice care.  I’ve been involved in the B.U.N.S. (Baking Up Nice Surprises) for probably 20 years.  It’s something I can do.

But all that bending over and meticulous work is hard on the back and shoulders!  DH helped a bit, but he is already under care for a back problem.  A Tylenol PM (and a lavish application of hand cream) helped later!

There’s really no point in making only a few of these.  If you’re making 200, might as well make 600.  So December campers, you’ll probably see them later this month.  If they last …

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