On homework assignments and endodontics

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We have had the tradition, for our entire marriage, of having popcorn for “supper” Sunday night.  DH also has an apple; I have lots of popcorn.

Now, I have a very expensive mouth.  Some people buy gold as an investment and put it in their safe deposit box, I put it in my mouth.  (Note to family:  remove all gold before cremation.) I am very careful what I eat.  I won’t bore you with all kinds of stories of temporary crowns pulled off with Caramel Nips on a lively road trip to Florida, my chain-chewing bubble gum habit, etc., etc.  Those were the old days.  Now I am careful.

And after popcorn, there can be a bit of dental hygiene to be done.  So early last week when I was experiencing dental, you know, discomfort, I figured some hulls were still there.  And I was flossing, and flossing, and flossing.  And there was pain.  And throbbing pain.  And wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night throbbing pain.

A visit to my regular dentist (to whom I had wished a hearty “Happy Holidays” only two weeks ago) was a little suspicious of something in my x-rays and referred me to the endodontist.  I was prepared for the best (popcorn hull) and the worst (massive decay).  He found neither.  Regrettably, the pain continued, my disposition blackened by the hour, and on Saturday morning our teenaged grandchildren arrived.  Not the best time to have a never ending headache.

It’s always amazing to see what comes out of their trunk for just an overnight visit.  Really, like a dozen clowns coming out of a Cooper.  Body pillows.  Gigantic shoes.  An unsettling number of grooming products.  (Wow, have I let myself go!) We had been warned that there were homework assignments coming also, and I was secretly relieved that W discovered he had forgotten his Pre-Algebra book at home.

What came instead was B’s Chemistry project to create a mole.  If you’re wondering about the connection, then you, like I, have never taken an Honors Chemistry class.  At least, not in this century.

B had the basic body pattern and an idea to create Ronald MoleDonald.  We spent a very pleasant afternoon running up and down flights of stairs for more supplies (me), sewing (her), talking (me) and solving construction issues (both).  I think it’s adorable!

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In the kitchen, W created a small fireplace (with chimney) of cardboard and an impressive amount of hot glue.  He was building some sort of a board game, and if the player managed to reach the chimney, a trap door type of contraption sent a skeleton down a chute and out the front of the fireplace.  Mechanical engineer, perhaps?  Architect?

I was impressed with the afternoon’s work.  We took a brisk walk to the library for desperately needed reading material for me — I wonder if you can guess what moderately famous person’s biography she suggested I read?  I’ll tell you when I’m done with it.

I’m really not comfortable with the idea that the dental issues may just be “one of those things.”  But we’ll see if the antibiotics kick in, I can wean myself off the OTC pain stuff, and life starts looking sunnier.  Back to the studio tomorrow.

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