Amazing myself!

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Over a year ago, I had a friend tell me I would like digital scrapbooking.  I was skeptical.  No more!  I am amazed at what I can do.

I take the same picture of our crab tree every spring, because every year it is stunning.  I decided that for this page of my Home book I would use just part of the blossoms for the background — yes, I made my own custom paper!  Reducing its opacity and placing a very thin, black border around the photo helped the contrast.

So far my favorite things about using My Digital Studio are that

  • I have unlimited supplies
  • I can change my mind a million times before I ever go to paper
  • I can delete a page without wasting supplies

I have finished my training on MDS and am close to sending my book to the printer.  At the end of the month we’ll learn how Stampin’ Up! will grant us certification.  When you see the certification logo on this blog, watch for a special offer!

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One Response to Amazing myself!

  1. lulalola says:

    I love digital scrapbooking, you just have so many options! Love the way you did the background! I’ve taken pictures of fabric, beach sand, and even grass to use as paper. They all turned out pretty neat.
    Wish I had your pretty tree!

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