This little task has been on the Parade of Daily Adventures list for some time.  People at home were beginning to make remarks.  The goal was always to defrost on Thursday, so that anything unrecognizable could be taken to the curb under cover of dark for an early Friday morning garbage pickup.

It was like an archeological dig for Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat.  In addition to gentle chipping and prying, there was quite a bit of swift carrying of pots of boiling water from house to garage, some use of a heat tool (not an approved use, I’m quite sure), and only a little bit of grumbling.  I did make some amazing discoveries; let me just say that I don’t need to buy frozen salmon for … the rest of my life.  We are well supplied.

I’ve organized the freezer in boxes this way for many years, and I laughed yesterday when I saw in the new October issue of Better Homes and Gardens their suggestion to use plastic “spa baskets” for the same purpose.  My boxes were much cheaper — $1.50 each on clearance at Office Max — and I like the “ice blue” color.  They fit perfectly in my ancient freezer; your results may vary.  It looks good, at least for now.  If we have another one of those 36-hour power outages, well.

And now, must buy ice cream.

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