The end of picnic season

Brownies 1

Wednesday was the last picnic of the season, with the DeKalb County Historical and Genealogical Society.  (We just call it “the historical.”)  DH is treasurer, so he attends every meeting; I’m there only when there’s a meal or a trip!  We met at one of the county’s forest preserves.  Distressingly, the mosquitoes were out for … blood.  So we didn’t get the full presentation by former biology instructor Terry Martin.  Still, it’s always fun to hear him talk with boundless enthusiasm about the natural world; when an insect scurried across the floor of the building we were picnicking in, he gleefully jumped at the chance to educate us (and quiz us) about the beast.

On Tuesday I woke up with a cold, darn it, so I didn’t feel much like creating something fabulous for the potluck.  I counted on my favorite, perfect Chewy Cocoa Brownies to wow the crowd, and they would have if the only place on the counter for them hadn’t been next to a big box of glorious offerings from Sweet Dreams.

Still, I’m not sorry to have leftovers (and an extra cup of coffee this morning).  Is it wrong to consider these a vegetable, in light of the cocoa beans?

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One Response to The end of picnic season

  1. Sally says:

    I’d much rather have your brownies than overly sweet cupcakes!

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