Color Combo Machine

You open your closet.  Stare at the bottoms.  Stare at the tops.  What goes together?

OK, truthfully, I don’t have that problem, but I do struggle with combining colors when I’m stamping.  The Stampin’ Up! Color Coach is a wonderful tool, one I use all the time.  But imagine a resource that has an infinite number of color combinations — and it’s interactive!

That resource exists in the Scraptitude Color Combo Machine.  The link is the image here and will be a permanent link in the bar at right.  Here’s how the “machine” works:  From the panel of Stampin’ Up! colors at left (scroll down!), click the one that will be your primary color.  Click the little Search button.  I tried this with Soft Suede and it returned 218 combinations!  That ought to keep me busy!

Or, try more than one color.  Adding Bordering Blue to the search gave me only one result, with four colors, but the combination is stunning.

Just for fun, click the Surprise Me button.  The result, a totally random combination of colors, is surprising — sometimes surprisingly beautiful!

The Scraptitude site was created by Laura Ferro.  It’s brilliant!

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2 Responses to Color Combo Machine

  1. Darlene says:


    Did you know that the SU Color Combo Machine site is not working or is it just my trying to get to it?

    • heartfeltinkspiration says:

      Hmmm, it’s not just you! I’ll bet they were generating too much traffic for their server. I’ll see if I can find if they moved somewhere else.

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