Take a guess — maybe win a prize!

Coin jar

For several years I have kept this coin jar.  Usually at some point I take it to the bank and the paper money goes into another jar — the vacation fund.  Last time it went into the gigantic coin jar for our church’s anniversary gift.  After I began stamping, it became my stamp fund.  The “rule” is, I never pay with anything using coins, only bills.  All change in my wallet then goes into the jar when I feel like my purse is unusually heavy.  Problem is, when you don’t pay cash for purchases, you don’t accumulate much in the jar!  Hence, the small amount of coin collected since December.

But, Wednesday begins a new Stampin’ Up! catalog, and I need to fund my first purchase.  So I’m wondering, how much is in this jar?  Can you guess?  Will you guess?  You could win a bunch of Stampin’ Up! product!  Here are some simple rules:

  1. I’ll take the jar to the bank to be counted on Wednesday.
  2. The person who leaves me a comment with a dollar amount guess closest to the actual amount wins.
  3. Only one guess per person.
  4. The contest closes at midnight CST Tuesday.  That is, guesses after 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday will not be counted.
  5. You must be in the United States to win.
  6. In the event of a tie, my husband will randomly choose the winner.
  7. I’ll contact you for your mailing address on Wednesday and mail your prize (or hand deliver it).
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14 Responses to Take a guess — maybe win a prize!

  1. Sally estes says:


  2. Steve E says:


  3. Stamper Jill says:


  4. As I have a similar jar in my room AND I love SU! product, I can’t resist playing along. I’m going to say $29.87. Thanks for the chance at some goodies!

  5. sue says:

    oh I forgot my comment $34.97 AND the new catalogue is fab!

  6. Amy Edwards says:

    I am going to guess about $36.50 it was that or $42 but I am going with the $36.50 and that is my final guess. Fingers crossed :D.

  7. amyjoy says:

    I know I missed the deadline, but I must make a guess anyway! I think $29.47?

  8. Diana Giesen says:

    I’m guessing $46.36

  9. DRU WALT says:


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  11. Tristan says:

    I guess $36.57

  12. Priscilla says:

    I have a jar and a couple of baggies filled with change too! I too don’t collect enough now that I use my debit card often…

    I guess $17.22

    See you soon!

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