Expansion Wallet Tutorial

Wallet 1

Wallet 10

For some time I have kept a clipping from a Stampington publication (Take Ten or one of the others) with this idea.  It is credited to Holley Tondre, so I will do the same!  Basically, this wallet is 4″ square with a little bit of depth to accommodate the accordion fold.  Here’s how to create it (pictures are below the steps they illustrate):

  1. Cut one piece of card stock 11″ x 4″ (edited to correct this measurement!).  Score it at 3-7/8, 4″, 8″ and 8-1/8″  Fold down on the scores.  The flap is the shortest panel.
  2. Mark the edge of the flap 1-1/2″ from either side.  Trim from mark to score to create angle; repeat on other side.
  3. Wallet 1a

  4. Cut a piece of Designer Series Paper 3-3/4″ x 3-5/8″ for the front panel of the wallet. Thoroughly adhere this piece — the fastener will be adhered to this, and if it is not secure in the middle, it will rip when you open the wallet. You don’t want that.
  5. Cut two pieces of coordinating Designer Series Paper 6″ x 3-3/4″.  Score it on the back at 1″ intervals.
  6. Wallet 2

  7. Fold down on the scores, creating “peak” folds. Now fold a valley in between each peak (score meeting score) to create the accordion.  Use your bone folder to make the creases crisp.
  8. Wallet 4

  9. Now adhere the accordion sides to the front of the wallet (the panel on the opposite end of the flap) as shown above.  Important:  Is there a direction to the pattern on your accordion pieces? Note that the “raw” edge is to the inside of the wallet.  The accordion side should be positioned vertically so there is a bit of a gap to the edge of the wallet front and also to the next score.
  10. Wallet 5

  11. Now adhere the opposite edges of the sides to the back of the wallet.  This is trickier.  I use Tombow Multi adhesive because it allows me to (quickly) slide the pieces around a bit.  I can remove dried glue with the adhesive remover. Use your bone folder to press the sides against the wallet back.
  12. Wallet 6

  13. Create a medallion for the wallet flap.  Mine (matted) measures about 2-1/2″ in diameter.  You’ll also need another piece of card stock, a kind of mat, the same size.  Adhere the mat to the inside of the flap.  Adhere a 1″ piece of ribbon, folded, to the mat, creating a pull.  Adhere the stamped medallion to the front of the flap and over the mat using plenty of adhesive and allow to dry.
  14. Wallet 7

  15. Cut a small piece of hook-and-loop fastener (I used 1/3 of a disc) — do not separate the pieces.  Adhere the fastener to the back of the flap just above the ribbon pull.
  16. Wallet 8

  17. Remove the film from the other half of the fastener and press the flap against the wallet front, transferring the opposite half of the fastener.
  18. Wallet 9

That’s it!  Believe me, once you get the hang of it, the construction technique is simple.

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2 Responses to Expansion Wallet Tutorial

  1. Stamper Jill says:

    Just a comment about the measurements. I tried making this with a piece 8-1/2 x 4 – didn’t work. I tried again with 11 x 4 – much better. After that adjustment it went very well. I have to work on the accordion portion to get it more even – I don’t know what I did wrong there. great project!!

    • heartfeltinkspiration says:

      Argh! Of course, you are absolutely right! I’ve corrected the post — thanks for letting me know about the error, Jill!

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