The next best thing to a billion slides of my summer vacation!


Here’s where I’ve been — taking the same photos probably hundreds of thousands of tourists have!

We only had three days for this trip — I “packed” after my morning shower, so unlike most vacations, I had done no research or planning, other than to check the weather.  Just as predicted, it was mild but very windy.  Note to self:  Leave straw hat in car.

We’ve been to St. Louis before, but probably 20 years ago.  Regrettably, our road atlas is from 1995, and navigating through the expressways around SL is quite an adventure when the roads aren’t even on the map.  (Insert another appreciative wave of the hand to all the kind souls who let us move over when we were in the wrong lane!)

The first three hours of the nearly 5-hour trip we’ve done many times, and it’s still interesting.  The last two were tedious, but maybe it was because DH was asleep and I had no one to share my observations with.  I travel just like my mother did:  remarking on the livestock (“Look at the key-ows!”) and reading signs aloud along the way (“Tattoos while you wait!!!!”).  It makes me happy to be taking a road trip; I have very fond memories of childhood vacations.  More on that some other time.


We started at St. Charles, MO.  It was just a perfect day.  Sunday evening we had watched a good portion of the Ken Burns’ Lewis & Clark film, so I was thrilled to find this statue near the river.  Later we saw a very moving film under the arch about the expedition — really, I was weeping at this amazing journey and its significance.

St. Charles is full of old homes and buildings; here’s one of them.


OK, that’s enough for now — don’t want you to doze off!

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  1. Sally estes says:

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. Although I love Chicago, I miss St Louis too! Lots of fun there when I was in college at SIU…

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