Spring delight


Finally!  I could hardly wait to “hang out” this morning!  We will mark the diary with this annual milestone.

Amongst this laundry are some new sheets.  We have a “winter” set that is so dense and heavy I can hardly stand it any more.  The fitted sheet on that set has elastic all around.  Now, I’m sure someone thought that was a good idea, but it’s impossible to tell side from end — I had to mark the center bottom with a pin, à la my mother.  And the experience of wrestling the bottom sheet onto the mattress simply has to be seen.  DH (it’s his job) is sweating when finished as he announces triumphantly through the house “I got it!”

So I was looking forward to the pretty new aqua set.  Hmmm.  No “header” on the flat sheet.  Assuming it’s not square, how will we tell side from end?  And no lovely edge on the pillowcases.  I know Martha would be crocheting an edge on these, and perhaps I’ll post several weeks from now that I have accomplished the same task.

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