319 buttons

That’s how many I made this afternoon.  You can see some of them in the new blog banner.

We call these “Pretzel Buttons,” and I’ve been making them for years.  Pretty much if there are seasonal M&Ms in the stores, I’ll make PBs.  There’s no recipe, really, just lay out the pretzel rings on a long strip of wax paper, melt almond bark in the microwave, spoon the bark into each pretzel, and top with an M&M.  (Don’t try melting the bark all at once.  Heat for a minute or two, stir, then another minute, stir.  Stop heating it when there are still some lumps; they’ll melt as you stir.  And careful — your bowl is very hot!)

Have something entertaining playing in the background, as this is pretty tedious work.  An assistant is either a help or a liability, depending on their technique and how many of the ingredients they consume in the process.

Most of today’s batch will be part of the B.U.N.S.* project for our county Hospice, some will go with us tomorrow night as a hostess gift, some will be packaged up and hidden away for camp later this month, and the rest will hang around here for … not too long.

*Baking Up Nice Surprises

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3 Responses to 319 buttons

  1. sue says:

    Don’t those buttons look so cute! I know you will package them up so they are even more darling.

    I am surprised that you are “allowed” by the county to make any kind of treats in your home kitchen. Out here the birthday children at school can only bring something purchased for treats, i.e. sealed in cellophane. Such a sad thing.

  2. heartfeltinkspiration says:

    Come to think of it, that is surprising about health rules. Our local farmers’ market doesn’t allow anything home canned, but there are people who sell baked goods (I think those are businesses). A few years ago there was a threat about disallowing church meals, etc. Luckily, someone had some common sense.

    I should have brought my camera to Hospice to document the amazing array of treats that were ready to bag up to take to over 100 homes. So pretty!

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