A spring supper


I am really blessed to have so many pretty things in my home — or maybe the truth is that I’m happy to be married to someone who also likes pretty things!  We enjoy antiquing together, even if we don’t buy anything, and next weekend we plan to to go the Oregon Antiques Show.  We went five or six years ago and were very impressed with the displays.

This is my standard “spring table” — it pretty much always looks this way for company (except maybe for the rabbits).  DH sent the china home from Japan when he was in the service.  I am very, very careful when doing the dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher).  He and his first wife had collected quite a bit of pink Depression glass, so he came to our marriage with that (and much else).  I decided to collect green glassware.  These goblets are treasured finds, discovered in a shop in Geneva (that’s no longer there) at the same time as the plates that are in my blog banner.  Unfortunately, they only had six glasses, and in the 20-some years that I’ve had them and been antiquing, we’ve never found any others that match.  So, I have some that have similar characteristics.

I love to have people over.  I enjoy the setup and even the cleanup, when we can talk about our guests!  Tonight we had DH’s brother and sisters and spouses.  It’s almost always a fun evening.  We used to play games, but the oldest among us are not so nimble-minded any more, so we just sit around and talk (loudly, now) and laugh at the same old stories.

Oh, we only had meatloaf — not a very grand main dish for such a pretty table!  We have plenty of leftovers.  Hooray for cold meatloaf and ketchup!

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  1. Carol Lyons says:

    Your love to entertain and share with others always inspires me. I can tell in your love to share your stamping ideas, and the good care that we experience we come from all walks of life and desend on your basement with all things ready have a good time and then go home with good memories and a handful of beautiful cards. Thank you for all you do.

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