Why we stamp


Stamper Jill sent me this image in an email yesterday; I’m sorry I can’t credit the creator, and I’m sure that the M&M candy has a trademark that needs acknowledging (consider it done).

Anyway, this made me laugh, because one of my stampers once asked if it was required that Stampin’ Up! demos provide M&Ms at every workshop/camp.  No, it’s not in our demo manual!

We always have M&Ms in the house.  Part of the decor, really, since I can color coordinate the candy dish to the season.

I could blame my father’s maiden aunt, Tante Minna,  for my M&M craze.  We didn’t see her but maybe once a year (she was a governess in California), and she spoiled us with exotic gifts (marzipan!) when she came.  In fact, everything about her was exotic; she was not built like the rest of us (who are blessed with the stockiness of the peasant), but rather was tall and slender, spoke with a heavy German accent, fell on her knees to play with us kids, and just generally brought a breath of fresh air into our lives.

Back to the title:  My Floridian kin called the other day to thank me for their anniversary card, and my 92-year-old aunt told me that she has kept all of my handmade cards in a scrapbook.  That touched me.

Thanks, Jill, for the M&M and the memories!

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