Mad as a wet hen

And I was.  Wet.  Mad.

Last Thursday I had an unexpected evening free, and I had planned a lovely, productive stamping retreat in the basement studio.  The heaters were running so it would be nice and toasty for me.

If only I had not watched the first 10 minutes of The Dick Van Dyke Show.  If only when I got to the basement and noticed water on the floor I would have thought about the window wells.  Instead, after racing up the stairs and calling for DH, we battled the icy water moving across the floor.  Mops.  Shop Vac.  We were losing.  Move tables.  Take things off the floor.  Roll the carpet back.  Finally, duh, it dawned on us that it was not seeping in but rather cascading down the walls, and DH went out to bail out the window wells.

So instead of stamping I was cleaning and drying.  Same Friday.  Now we are back to “normal,” and once again I’ll descend and get my fingers inky.  See you later!

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One Response to Mad as a wet hen

  1. Carol Lyons says:

    Oh, My what a way to start “spring”,
    Is there any thing you can do to prevent the water from coming in???
    Thank you for All your hard work to save the Stamping room.

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