An old-fashioned winter, I'd say

january-tablescapeThis morning our temp was -23°, with a wind chill of -35°.  Pretty much every morning at breakfast since, oh, December 1, we’ve growled about people saying we never have old-fashioned winters anymore.  Hmph!

We really felt bad for the garbage guys this morning.  And we had so much out, seeing as how it was Basement Cleanup Week.  As scheduled, we purged our little storeroom downstairs.  Having gone through two basement floods, would you think there could possibly still be things down there that wouldn’t be considered essential?  Oh my, yes.  As the mail worker in Miracle on 34th Street said, “Bags and bags of ’em!”  We took a trunkload-plus of stuff to Salvation Army, only to discover later a box that hadn’t made it into the car and some other things in the garage that were destined for SA.  I hope someone else discovers some treasures!

The tablescape above is the Christmas-to-Valentine’s-Day transitional scene in our front hall.  I bought the top hat for DH for our first Christmas together.  The postcards on the table picture skating scenes, with greetings for the New Year.  We look across the street at a (very frozen) lagoon, on which the college students and townies used to skate.  We, ourselves, have shuffled across the ice with our grandson.  I enjoy skating … I can watch it all day!

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0 Responses to An old-fashioned winter, I'd say

  1. sue says:

    Ok, I’m not whining anymore about our 9 degrees this morning (with no wind.) Yikes!!

    And I remember a skating incident when you bonked your head pretty hard, loud enough for me to hear! At least that time we were skating inside.

    I love the tablescape.

  2. Carol Lyons says:

    The decorations are beautiful, and I too would keep them up til Valentines’s day too!